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The Legal Clinic Fund for Local News is a collaborative fund to support the growth and sustainability of legal clinics based at universities across the United States that provide legal support to local newsrooms and journalists, and that seek to advance and defend first amendment rights, media freedom, and transparency in their communities. The Fund provides financial support to legal clinics to expand their support and partnership with local journalists because access to legal support is a critical element of local news ecosystems.

This Fund is a catalyst for the expansion and sustainability of existing clinics that seek to provide newsrooms and journalists with increased legal resources and representation, especially for those who are least likely to receive it from traditional sources. Ultimately, the Fund seeks to ensure that any local newsroom or journalist that needs legal support can access it.

Applications for funding will be accepted through July 12th. Click here to review the Program Guidelines, learn more about eligibility, and sign up for office hours.

The Fund is generously supported by Democracy Fund, The Klarman Family Foundation, and Solidarity Giving. The Miami Foundation serves as fiscal sponsor for the Fund. Click here to learn more about the Fund and download the grant program guidelines.

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The Foundation knows the COVID-19 pandemic forced nonprofits to revise programs and operations and we know your reports will reflect this. This is fine! We still want you to share what you were and were not able to accomplish so we can learn from your experiences.

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