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The Miami Foundation and Philanthropy Miami annually present the Emerging Philanthropist Award to a young donor who uses charitable giving to drive measureable results around a local cause, broadly improve the lives of Miamians and encourage others to give. Miami is a forward-thinking community and the next generation of philanthropists has already taken ownership of our region’s future success. The hope is that this award inspires other rising philanthropic leaders to see how any donor at any age can have a real impact on issues they care about. 

We invite you to nominate someone today who you feel is deserving of this recognition. 


Nominees must be between the ages of 18 and 40 and live in Miami-Dade County. They may work or serve in any field or sector, though their employment at a nonprofit organization may not be the sole reason for their nomination. The person should be someone who has demonstrated a clear philanthropic commitment to one or more Miami-Dade-focused causes and/or organizations by:

  • Devoting time, treasure and talent significant to the individual’s capacity to give
  • Serving or have served in a voluntary leadership role at a Miami-Dade-based nonprofit and/or civic organization(s)
  • Using their voice, networks and influence to inspire others to become philanthropically involved in our community

To Nominate Someone 

  • Visit to the 2020 Emerging Philanthropist Award on the Submittable website. 
  • If you are a new user, you will need to enter your name, email and create a password to sign in. 

The deadline to nominate someone Friday, December 6, 2019 by 11:59 pm.

Profile done by the Nominee 

  • The Foundation will reach out to each nominee to have him or her complete a brief profile related to the above criteria. This profile will be due by Monday, December 23, 2019 by 11:59 pm.

Key Dates 

  • Nominations must be received by Friday, December 6, 2019 by 11:59 pm.
  • The winner will be recognized at the annual Philanthropy Miami Donor Next Door Luncheon on Friday, March 6, 2020 and must be available to attend and make remarks.

For more information contact: Victoria Mora | Development Officer | | 786.406.1787

Welcome to the Foundation’s platform for submitting grant reports. If you are a grant recipient for any of the following programs, this is where you will submit your narrative and financial report as detailed in your grant agreement:

  • Animal Welfare and Animal-Assisted Program
  • Civic Leadership
  • Community Grants
  • Hurricane Relief and Recovery Funds 
  • LGBTQ Community Fund
  • Special Allocations Funds
  • State Attorney’s Denise Moon Memorial Fund
  • State Attorney’s Fund for a Safer and Healthier Community

For reporting guidelines visit the Grant Reports page on our website. Click on the Reporting Guidelines link for more information. It is recommended that you type out your responses on a Word Processor before this form since there are word limits. Once the narrative portion of your report is complete, click on the Grant Programs Financial Report Form link which you will upload as an attachment.

If you have questions about your grant please contact Lindsey Linzer at      

Please use this form to submit your grant report to The Miami Foundation.  Copies of our reporting templates and guidelines can be found on our website at

This form should be used if you received a grant for a Knight Foundation or other private foundation related program.  i.e. - Knight Arts Challenge, Journalism 360, Knight Endowment Funds and Artificial Intelligence Fund.

If you have questions about your grant please contact the director of programs and grants administration, Lindsey Linzer at   

Congratulations on your award from the The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation. Use this online form to submit your grant reports by the dates stated in your grant agreement.

You should base your reporting on the Grant Objectives and Budget your organization submitted in July 2018, in which you defined your objectives for implementation and results.

If you have questions about your grant please contact the Senior Vice President for Programs and Grants Administration, Charisse Grant, at

This form should be used to submit payment requests to The Miami Foundation. Requests including supporting documentation must be received by Friday at 5:00 pm EST for payment by the end of the following week.  

The Foundation is moving towards issuing all payments by ACH Electronic Funds Transfer. We are requesting that you provide your ACH information using this secure form.  While we will still allow payment via check we will be transitioning away from payment via check soon.

Please click here to see our full payment request guidelines.

If you have any questions, please contact

If you are a current scholar of the following programs, please save this application as a bookmark for future reference:

- Ortega Foundation Scholarship (eligible for 4 awards)

- Give Kids A Chance Scholarship (eligible for 4 awards)

- Cornerstone Group Scholarship  (eligible for 2 awards) 


Please complete all questions below, paying careful attention to the fields that pertain to your scholarship award. Required attachments include:

  • copy of your unofficial transcript (PDF file only)
  • copy of your full-time class schedule (12 credits or more; unless you are graduating and don't need full-time credits) (PDF file only)
  • 1-page letter addressed to the donor detailing how the award has helped you reach your academic goals (Ortega Foundation recipients only) (PDF file only)

These attachments will be used to confirm your eligibility to renew. Please refer to individual guidelines and renewal criteria here. Contact Alex Rosales, programs associate at with questions.

This form is for current Foundation grantees to submit their signed grant agreement, revised project budget and/or payment information.

The Foundation is moving towards issuing all payments by ACH Electronic Funds Transfer. We are requesting that you provide your ACH information using this secure form. 

If you are a grantee for multiple grant programs you can submit this form more than once.

If it is absoutely necessary that your organization receive payment via check or if you have any questions please contact your primary contact at The Miami Foundation.

The Miami Foundation